Skylar Farr

me   As a second generation weaver, Skylar’s interest in fiber began at an early age. His earliest memories include playing under the loom as his mother, Beryl Warnes, was weaving and his first job was winding bobbins for Julian Weaving Works.  His mother’s passions for weavings quickly manifest in Skylar as well.  Under her guidance his technical abilities and understanding of weaving flourished.  Years as an accomplished weaver have allowed him great artistic expression with the creation of new patterns and designs.  Skylar’s vast experience with weaving and his rare eye for color are a winning combination. Skylar has spent most of his life in San Diego’s backcountry in the mountain town of Julian.  This has fostered a strong relationship with nature as well as a deep love for the beautiful and majestic array between mountain, desert, and coastal landscapes.  This unique environment inspires the designs and color contrasts in his work.  Each of Skylar’s works are created with wool on a walking loom using boundweave, a weft-faced structure.  This creates a dense and durable material that has been used for centuries as bedding, floor and wall coverings. Boundweave also allows for a wide use of creative patterns.  It is easy to recognize Skylar’s connection to this age old art form because of the variety of colors, patterns, and styles he uses in each unique piece.  Weather displayed as a beautiful functional floor piece or as an elegant wall hanging each add warmth and grace to any interior.  Skylar Farr’s success and talent with weaving have allowed him to become partners in Julian Weaving Works.  His ability for artistic expression using a loom have won him first place in the San Diego County Fair as well as the pleasure to display at different galleries.

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